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Address:Jiangsu Province, Lishui District, Nanjing Honglan industrial concentration area
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    I was founded in 1979, formerly known as Lishui Honghu fire equipment factory. Its predecessor belongs to Lishui County Hong LAN agricultural machinery management station. At the beginning, the main production MP6, MS7, portable foam fire extinguisher, products in 1983 through the provincial technical appraisal, quality system through the Ministry of public security approval in August 1987, the product won the national industrial products production license. 90 years, 91 years, our enterprises have developed BC dry powder, ABC dry powder series, 1211 series portable pressure storage fire extinguishers, and in the same year won the national industrial product production license. 95 years, 96 years, our enterprises have developed ABC dry powder series, cart type fire extinguisher and mechanical foam extinguisher. In February 2010, the enterprise changed its name to: Nanjing Honghu fire fighting equipment manufacturing Co., ltd.. The company has also developed a portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and portable water type fire extinguisher, products through the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center detection, and obtained by the Ministry of public security fire product conformity certificate of the fire product type assessment center issued, in August 2015 passed the 3C certification, has made Chinese National mandatory product certification certificate (hereinafter referred to as 3C certificate); and through the European standard CE certification.
Company production area covers an area of about 20000 square meters, construction area of 15000 square meters. The existing staff of more than 150 people, including all types of professional and technical personnel accounted for more than 10%. Factory production has a long history, strong technical force, testing equipment. Thirty years, according to the fire product development needs and the enterprise production and technical force, now has formed four series, twenty specifications fire extinguisher products, annual production capacity has reached more than three million. Products are exported to all parts of the country, welcomed by users.
Lishui convenient transportation, land and water transportation developed, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway, Yanjiang expressway, according to the city and had rather high speed, only 20 km away from Nanjing Lukou International Airport; in the beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, the famous Wuxiang Temple, Meihua Mountain and enjoy the "Jiangnan small Three Gorges" of the Tianshengqiao scenic area.
We will, as always, take the interests of the community as our own responsibility, take science and technology as the guide, and take the road of quality and efficiency. Hope to join hands with you, and jointly contribute to the development of fire protection and the safety of people's lives and property!